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Article Summary: This article provides you easy guidance on when and why you should upgrade your electrical panels. It also provides you with enough justified reasons for hiring Rapid Electric services to protect yourself from fire hazards.


Every other day new technology comes up and you will like upgrading to a new mobile device with better apps or a better version of LED television. The same holds true for electrical services. As you welcome new upgraded versions of electronic gadgets and domestic appliances in your household that have higher power requirements, it becomes necessary to upgrade your electrical panels as well. The major reasons why as a homeowner you would be required to upgrade electrical service are old fuse styled panel, disrepair in existing panel or electrical service or there are plans in the pipeline to add more load to the existing electrical system.

Replacing Old Styled Panels

Most of the homes that were built during 1960 or before have fuse style panels for managing electrical circuits. Whenever these old buildings are renovated, if everything is all right with the electricity supply, the need for panel upgradation is overlooked usually. Today, circuit breaker panels are used instead of fuse panels, as these are now considered unsafe. Most of the banks consider the use of fuse panels at great risk and deny loans or risk coverage. Although these fuse panels in itself are not dangerous, because domestic appliances and gadgets of present day require much more efficient and powered supply. Moreover, the fuse panels are not expandable and hence cannot fulfill the present day power requirements. That is why it is necessary to replace these old styled panels. However, you should hire an expert Coronado Electrician for performing this task as only an expert can handle such a complex process.

Damaged Panels

Over the times, the service panels are damaged. Storms and rains can cause more damage to these panels as water is the worst enemy that affects the efficiency of these panels. Too much exposure to water or even moisture can cause long term or short-term corrosion of the components inside the panel. Sometimes the damage is so much that it warrants replacement of the panels. Too much corrosion-affected panels can cause hot spots leading to fire hazards. When the components of the panel are corroded, they also affect the working of the breakers and makes them lose their ability of tripping properly when a short circuit occurs due to which incidences of fire hazard can take place. Rodents are also the major factors that cause damage to panels and wirings causing shorts a frequent occurrence. If any of the above problems are prevalent it is time to replace and upgrade the panel.

New Additions to Electric Use

If you are making new additions to your home, such as pools and spa items that require higher electrical panels and so on, then, you should make the changes in the panels as well. It is time that you should upgrade your electrical panels accordingly so that you can safely take advantage of the new additions.


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