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Article Summary: This article gives an overview of how installing GFCI prevents accidents from occurring by breaking the circuit effectively when flow of power through the wrong is detected. Moreover hiring the services of professionals from Rapid Electric helps in proper installation of these devices.


Ground Fault is nothing but electricity following an unintentional path apart from the conventional wiring to flow into the ground..Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is specifically a device used to break the circuit when it detects that electricity is flowing through a path other than the electrical wiring system such as water or a human being. This drastically reduces the risk of being harmed by electric shocks. Basically, a GFCI device measures the current leaving from and going into an appliance. When the difference exceeds a certain limit the GFCI recognizes that there is a ground fault and shuts off the appliance or the circuit completely.


Specifically, where is GFCI necessary?


It is very necessary that these GFCI devices are installed in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, garages etc. This is required by most countries as a safety measure to prevent accidents. According to Bill Grande, GFCI protects the property and its residents even if the wiring system is not grounded. For example, when a person is trying to dry their hair with a blow drier and the drier accidently falls into a bucket of water or the sink, then, there is a risk of being electrocuted if the person tries to retrieve the drier without switching off the power source. In such cases, if there is no GFCI attached to the appliance there is a good chance that there is power flow through the drier until the water completely shorts it out. Unexpected electricity increases due to lightening or voltage variations can cause the GFCI to be damaged at any point of time. Hence, one has to be quite careful and needs to keep any eye on the condition of the GFCI device installed.


How to test if the GFCI device is faulty?


The best way to test if a GFCI is functioning properly is by plugging in a small zero watt light fixture and turning it on. On pushing the button on the GFCI if the light does not go off, then, it means that the circuit is not broken and there is a need for immediate replacement of the GFCI device.


How to install a GFCI device?


Installation of a GFCI device usually requires a professional. Calling a La Jolla Electrician who can help you with the installation, is a great idea. Being a local electrician, his knowledge of the locality’s power problems is much better than hiring non-local electricians. With a seasoned electrician, the property owners at La Jolla can be a bit relaxed about the whole process.


Another important thing to be noted is that, these devices are also likely to take care of electrical shocks that can be caused from wiring that has been damaged by being chewed away by rodents or other such unfathomable causes.


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