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Article Summary: Using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners or electrical heaters has been recommended strongly as an alternative to control room temperatures. This article gives an overview of the advantages of using ceiling fans for which you can use the services of Rapid Electric.


Electricity production is a big concern all over the world. Production of energy in such large quantities naturally causes imbalance in the natural ecosystem. Be it thermal power production or hydro electric power generation methods, the quantity of natural resources that are used up on a daily basis is quiet large. It is impractical to completely stop the production of power as power is what drives the world today. So, what can be done is reduce the energy consumption at some level. If every individual did his bit in conserving energy, then, a lot of power would be saved. This not only helps us conserve our natural resources but also reduces energy costs which burn a huge hole in our pockets. One simple method of doing so is by adopting ceiling fans instead of air conditioners.

Here is how one can reduce energy costs by using ceiling fans:

Ceiling fans help save money and this in turn depends on some factors such as size of the property, the climate, the heating system adopted and the cost per unit watt of energy consumed in the particular locality. These days many power distributors have developed websites which predict the amount of energy that will be consumed on a monthly basis and hence will give you a good idea about the costs as well. According to experts the cost saving when ceiling fans are used are as high as up to eight percent.


Usage of ceiling fans in summers is one of the most cost effective ways of cooling the air inside the house. It can increase the comfort that a person experiences inside of the room during summer season. Ceiling fans do not necessarily decrease the internal room temperature but they do cause the air in the room to move gently and creates a sort of gentle breeze. It is here that it becomes to strategically position the ceiling fan inside of the room for maximum comfort.


The maintenance cost of a ceiling fan is way lesser than any other air cooling system. All that it requires is that the blades of the fan are dusted regularly so that the efficiency of the fan is not reduced by clogging. Unlike the air conditioners, it does not require constant vigilance and care from the owner. It does not even require regular servicing. Hence, it saves the owner a lot of time, energy, effort and money.


The installation costs of a ceiling fan are way lesser than what one has to cough up if installing an air conditioning unit. Along with this the transportation complexities in terms of money and labour is not relevant here. Installing a ceiling fan can be done by any qualified, licensed and experienced Escondido electrician who is located right around the corner.


Even though the ceiling fan is mostly useful in making small but significant changes in the room temperature, the fact that a large amount of energy is saved cannot be denied. Annually, a ceiling fan consumes about 75 watts as against 200 watt consumption of air conditioners and 750 watt consumption by electrical heaters.


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