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Article Summary: This article throws light on the various warning signs that should never be neglected. In such situations you should immediately take help of Rapid Electric services, so that the safety of your home or apartment is not challenged.


As the house grows old, the facility systems such as plumbing and electricity also grow old and are worn out. Electrical wiring when worn out can lead to dangerous predicaments that are not easily visible to the eyes of the homeowners and are hidden within the walls. For example, excessive heat due to overloaded circuits can lead to wearing of insulation. Since damage or problems with wiring cannot be seen immediately, it is necessary to be aware of the warning signs. A study conducted by the National Fire Prevention Association in 2009 has found out that the most common reason behind the apartment and house fires in America is faulty wiring. This result reveals how important it is to keep a keen eye on faulty wiring.


Here are the top three electrical wiring warning signs that should never be overlooked.

1. Going out of Fuses and Breakers with Regular Frequency

Circuit breakers in the electrical systems prevent the house from catching fire by tripping when the circuit gets overloaded. Fuses too, provide the same type of protection to a house. However, circuit breakers can be used again, whereas fuses are required to be replaced when they are blown although over a period though the circuit breaker due to frequent tripping can go bad. If fuses or the circuit breaker of your electrical system goes out frequently, it is possible that either the circuit breaker or the fuse will need replacement. These signs should not be overlooked as if neglected for long, it can cause fires.  You should call an expert Carlsbad Electrician to do the replacement work so that everything is executed perfectly.

2. Dimming or Flickering of Lights

If your lights are dimmed or flicker then, it is surely a sign of an overloaded circuit. Most of the time this happens because a motor device with a requirement for more amps is turned on in the circuit. However, this means that the power is not being distributed properly, or the system has an inadequate power efficiency. A household with good wiring will never have to face such momentary flickering or dimming problem. Hence if such problems arise frequently it is a warning sign that your wiring is faulty or there is some bad circuit breaker that should be replaced.

3. Discoloration or Charring/buzzing of Switches and Outlets

If your switches or outlets have charred or discolored then it is a bad sign and your wiring is seriously in a dangerous situation. In such conditions, you should immediately replace the switch or the outlet and also check the wiring as most of the times the discoloration, buzzing or charring occurs due to faulty circuit wiring that is placed near the switch or outlet. Sometimes even loose connections can cause a short circuit and cause short-lived mini-fire that leads to charring or discoloration.


If you are noticing any of the above warning signs, you should call our electrician in Carlsbad to analyize and/or change the wirings and upgrade your electrical system.