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Article Summary: This is an article about what needs to be done when there circuit breakers goes kaput. To get a great service it is recommended to get in touch with Rapid Electric.


Circuit breakers are devices that are installed in the electrical system of the house to prevent damage that occurs because of power overload or short circuit. It essentially detects a faulty wiring system and disrupts the flow of electricity hence breaking the circuit and preventing potential damage. Unlike the case of a fuse, a circuit breaker need not be thrown away after it blows, it can be effectively reset and can continue functioning like before.


Why does Circuit Breaker Switch Trip?


When the current running through the circuit is much more than the carrying capacity of the wiring system the circuit breaker breaks the circuit. When a 15 Amps circuit breakers switch is installed for a 15 Amps capacity circuit and there is a power flow of 20 or 25 Amps because of a grinding machine which is plugged into the electrical system, all the other appliances such as refrigerator, TV, Air conditioner etc. which are integrated into the same system will suffer damage by overheating. To prevent this damage a circuit breaker is installed.


One of the most common reasons for the breaker to trip is because there are too many appliances which are plugged into a single switch board or when there are multiple switch boards connected to a single electrical circuit. Loose connections at the switches or within the circuit are a major cause for circuit breaker tripping. This can be effectively checked by switching off the power system and manually check for loose connections. Of course for this it is recommended that a trained professional such as your nearest Lakeside Electrician checks for these loose connections so that they can be retightened and fixed without any glitches.


How to effectively deal with a circuit breaker tripping?


Figure out the place where the electrical panel for service is set up. One can usually find it in the basement or in the garage.


When the breaker trips one can see a red mark which is otherwise concealed by the breaker in the on position.


Resetting of a circuit breaker is as simple as pushing the switch back to the on position. A sharp click indicates that the circuit breaker has been reset.


However, if the trip continues to reiterate itself at regular intervals, it is wise to completely turn off the electrical power panel and make a call to your nearest electrician to take a look at the electrical wiring in your house to recognize and fix the faulty system. Delaying this can cause serious troubles such as electrical fire breakouts which can claim lives and loss of property. To prevent this from happening, all one needs to do is pick up a phone and make that one very important call to the electrical service nearest to your house.


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